North Texas Irish Festival

If you live in the Dallas area you should definitely check out the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park next year. It was this past weekend (March 4-6) and my little family and I had a fantastic time! They have tons of live music, vendors and food. The Irish Stew is really good and is served in little carved out bread bowls. There is also lots of Guinness and Harp. The great thing about this festival is if you don’t want to leave Fido at home, you can bring him with you! Our dog Nola had a wonderful time and she was such a good dog! She loved being with other dogs and was so happy from her outing, she came home and slept hard!

Check out the festival’s website here.

And while we are on the subject of the Irish, have you thought about what you are making/doing for St. Patrick’s Day? I always make my corned beef and cabbage. I am thinking about redoing the pictures and updating that post. I only had my iPhone to take pictures with and they aren’t very good but don’t let those pictures diminish how wonderful the meal really is. I hope you try it sometime.

What are your traditions on St. Patrick’s Day?

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