>S’mores! and a Variation


We recently went on a small vacation to our family’s ranch in Colorado. It was our first time to go by ourselves and we had a blast! The next couple of posts are about the food I made while there. It was a nice and relaxing weekend in the mountains. I have also included some pictures of our beautiful surroundings! Enjoy!

Everyone knows how to make a s’more but incase you don’t here it goes…
You need:

graham crackers
chocolate (preferably, hershey)

Over a fire, roast your marshmallows until they have reached your desired “doneness”.

Take a graham cracker and break in half to make a “sandwich”. Place a piece of chocolate on one and on top of that place your warm marshmallow and replace with the other side of graham cracker. Enjoy! So yummy!
Variation on a Theme- Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows with Crushed Graham Crackers

So not wanted to make s’mores again the same way the next night, I decided to try and recreate the s’more in another way.
This uses the same ingredients as above. For this I used about 10 marshmallows, 2 chocolate bars and 1 graham cracker.

Using a double boiler, melt the chocolate bars. While the chocolate is melting, take the graham cracker and put it in a freezer bag and close it up. Take a pan and beat it into tiny pieces, set aside.

When the chocolate has melted dip a marshmallow into the chocolate until it has been completely covered. Set the marshmallow on a plate to cool. Do this with each marshmallow until done.

Sprinkle the tops of the marshmallows with the graham crackers and set in freezer until completely cooled. Enjoy!
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